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Why OmniBiotics ?

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About Us

The people behind OmniBiotics understand that optimal health starts from within. Combining all natural ingredients—with proven benefits—in the just the right amounts can truly make a difference when it comes to looking and feeling your best.
That is exactly why we are passionate about creating natural health and wellness products that improve the lives of our customers.
To take it a step further, we produce our entire line of premium natural health supplements in the most responsible way possible—through sustainable and humane business practices.  This is evident in everything from our sourcing methods to the packaging we choose.

The core values of our company include a commitment to:

  • Creating premium natural health supplements that enhance health and wellness
  • Delivering vegan and vegetarian friendly options to customers all over the world
  • Providing world-class customer service and support
  • Combining 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality into custom formulas that are scientifically supported
  • Manufacturing exclusively here in the U.S.A in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility

Members of our team include an M.D., certified nutritionist, medical advisors and chemists who are personally vested in the safety and efficacy of every product we sell. Together, we engineer OmniBiotics products in ways that ensure maximum bioavailability and effectiveness.

Long story short

Everything we sell is crafted with care and only made available after it is researched and approved by the entire OmniBiotics Team.
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