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To make living naturally that much easier

We're happy when you feel good

By creating products that make you feel good, it makes us feel even better! 

To Be Healthy And Happy For Life

Health Equals Wealth. We create natural health supplements that help you find your health, and in turn, your happiness.

To Inspire

Our customers inspire us! The amazing feedback from all of our satisfied customers is what drives us. Our goal is to provide the best natural supplements that can make real, positive change in your life.

What our customers are saying

Over 111,097 happy customers & counting.
I never knew how much good probiotics would do for me. There have been lots of articles both pro and con but I decided I really needed to try it out. I was told to get the most strains possible so I purchased this product. It works.

omnibiotics on amazon Flora Renew® Probiotics – 05/20/2016

Love this product!!! It is great to have a vegetarian/vegan option. I am also going to try other Omnibiotics products since this has been good.

omnibiotics on amazon Vegan DHA – 12/01/2016

My new go-to. I’ve never seen another supplement like it and the fact that it has milk thistle in it as well as another 2 favorites of mine, NAC and grape seed extract, sealed the deal for me.

omnibiotics on amazon Liver Reboot – 01/22/2017

I needed to reorder my Omega-3 and decided to try this option. When I told my daughter who is a vegetarian, she was thrilled to use this as a replacement for her Prenatal DHA. We have both incorporated this into our daily regimens. I love this brand, thank you OmniBiotics!!!!

omnibiotics on amazon Vegan Omega-3 – 12/09/2016

My friend recommended milk thistle to help my hangovers. I was skeptical, but now I’m not. It really DOES help! I take two at night before bed (after drinking). Then two in the morning/next day w breakfast.

omnibiotics on amazon Organic Milk Thistle 4X – 04/09/2016

This product caught my eye as a natural hormone balancer. I am in menopause and my hot flashes and mood swings were crazy. I was not getting enough sleep and was cranky. I have taken 2 capsules twice daily for 5 days and am thrilled with the results.

omnibiotics on amazon Ashwagandha Root – 01/08/2017

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