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Here at OmniBiotics, we not only use the highest quality ingredients available, we also have each of our proprietary blends scientifically tested so that we can provide you with most powerful supplements on the market.  

Prior to releasing any new supplement to the market, we have it thoroughly tested by third party labs. The entire mission of OmniBiotics is to provide you with health solutions that actually work, so having each blend tested by third party labs is a key part of the process to ensure purity and potency.

We believe that you deserve supplements with proven effects, and we are sure that you feel the same way. Health is not an area of our lives where we should settle for less.

Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks

Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks works closely with the OmniBiotics team to not only ensure that every product is scientifically formulated, but also tested to ensure potency and efficacy.

He is a graduate of the medical school at Michigan State University, and has practiced emergency room medicine for eleven years. In seeing over 50,000 patients, Dr. Hendricks treated diseases and saved lives, but he came to realize that modern medicine focuses on treating problems once they arise rather than preventing the problems from happening in the first place…

“Medical specialists know more and more about less and less,” Dr. Hendricks says.

Dr. Hendricks longed for health solutions that actually prevent disease. He left his ER practice and became a fellow of the Howard Hughes Institute for Advanced Research and the National Institutes of Health, pursuing the field of epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the study of the foods, nutrients, plants, and life experiences that turn on and switch off individual genes. Epigenetics researchers have identified a large number of simple nutritional and herbal substances that can regulate genes to stop disease, including curcumin, piperine, magnesium, and also probiotic bacteria, all of which are featured in OmniBiotics products.

Dr. Hendricks says, “with our knowledge of epigenetics we can treat almost everything with practically nothing.”

He believes in using the cutting edge of modern science to bring back the most basic healing principles, which is why the OmniBiotics team works so closely with him. It important for us to partner with certified specialists such as Dr Hendricks so that we can create formulas you can trust.

Join the OmniBiotics family today and take charge of your well-being.

Recently, Dr. Hendricks shared his vision for the future of “food as medicine” as part of the TED talk series.

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